When I first started my job, the two songs that played in my head every morning as I watched people walking in droves from the parking lot to the hospital were:

“Good morning” by Kanye West. (“don’t look around, just read this…ok look up now, they stole you’re streetness.”)

“Marching ants” by the Dave Matthews band.

It was official. I was an ant. But I didn’t want people to know that I thought we were all ants marching. So when my classmates whom I graduated with asked me if I liked my job, I smiled and said “yes.”

I’m a liar. I like taking care of people, but really, I accepted the role of being altruistic to protect my ego. 

I’m a natural born hustler and the only person who believed in me was my dad. Why wasn’t that enough? 

Now I’m just an ant, but not for long. 

The old Sakeena is back.


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