Experience chronicles IV

I went to the masjid for the first time this Ramadan (and first time in forever) and got to see a lot of my friends etc. One sister follows the way of the righteous Salaf, Alhadulillah, and she don’t play games. 

Another sister was sitting with us, when the aforementioned sister commented on how some sister go to work without hijab, and not making their salah. The latter sister stated that some places don’t allow an opportunity to pray, and that she makes all her salah up when she goes home. 

Now, it got rough.

The former sister went on a tear: “You can’t do that; you can pray if you chose to; you cain’t pray on your lunch break?; so you ain’t got NO time?; your salah is more important.”

Every point she made was valid, but she forgot one thing: To advise your fellow Muslim in a good way, and in confidence, not in front of others. 

The latter sister removed herself from the table in hurt and anger. I was embarrassed and sad to have witnessed the incident. 

An experience I won’t forget, and showed me how not to advise people. We are supposed to want the best for all our fellow Muslims, but we should not be so haughty as to believe we have the right to talk down to them, etc.

I’ve been called “self righteous” due to the fact that I struggle to accept the reality of a particular sin that has become normal in the Ummah. For that I have learned to remain silent. Is that right? I have no idea.


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