Andy Murray and positive influence

Andy Murray won Wimbledon today.

I’ve been an off and on fan of his for years, since Guillermo Coria mentioned him, and also Andy once upon a time deemed Coria to be his favorite player.

A couple of years ago, after failing constantly at winning in slam finals, Andy quit. He didn’t retire, but he mentally gave up. He said he didn’t care if he won a slam, he had other things in life that were important. He had other things to make him happy.

I was amazed and sad, that he was using a know that thing we do to save our egos from damage?…defense mechanism!! Thanks Google. Anyway, he was using a defensive technique to keep himself sane. “I don’t really care, but it would be nice to win.” Really Andy?

Enter Ivan Lendl. Lendl himself had lost many slam finals before becoming one of the greatest ever. Not going into detail as most tennis fans are hardasses, but the point is that Lendl understood where Andy was coming from.

Lendl helped Andy learn to stay positive during matches, one of his biggest obstacles.

In the 2nd set today, he was down 4-1. I was like “alright here it comes…” I was speechless as Andy worked hard and won the set 7-5.

It wasn’t about him winning, although he whooped Novak REAL GOOD. I was so surprised that he had made such a huge change in his personality. Even in the final game, I still expected him to blow the whole match. Then, he won.

Alhamdulillah for positive people. Us pessimists rarely want to hear what you have to say, but don’t throw us away. We listen eventually, and we benefit from you. I’m blessed to have positive people in my life. I’m new to trying to be positive, but I’m making a real effort.


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