I never thought I knew everything, and over the last 3 years I practiced what I knew less and less. But I never thought that I never knew NOTHING. How would I know anything about anything when I never been anywhere or did anything? I’ve encountered some shitty people and been called a nigger; I thought I was set for life!

I developed opinions through 1 or 2 time experiences, and most of them were negative. Ok ALL of them were negative! From them, I decided to exclude myself from any further activities that may result in the same experience. That means everything and everyone was in categories, and once you were in one of my bad categories, your ass was STUCK.

My mom told me to stop looking at things as “good” or “bad.” I had to be in a category too. Which one do you think I was in? Yeah…

Partially taking my mom’s advice, I decided to make a grey area. I wasn’t good anymore (I once thought I was, but I wasn’t…really), I was bad, but with good qualities. I could live with that, and I did- for a little while.

It all went wrong somewhere. All my “re-education” entries will chronicle this ridiculous shit.


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